A website without updating is unreliable, either for its owner or visitors

Leave the worries in our hands

Web support ensures that your website is always available, secure, and steady.

Today having a website is fundamental to the growth of any company, as it allows information to be available at any time of the day. That is why it is importance that your website is in the best conditions. From time to time the trends change and the designs we used are left to history, new tools emerge that allows you to automate your website.

It’s important to keep an eye on changes so you can identify when your business needs a change and when It’s necessary to Update your Website, in order to get a convenient, easy-to-use site that is up to date.

Malicious hackers are kept informed about bugs, security weaknesses and will not hesitate to attack any website that is not up to date. We must be vigilant because attacks constantly affect websites of any kind because they do it automatically, they are not targeting, they only look for vulnerable sites.

That’s why keeping your site up to date and secure should be your number one priority.

Beyond the price,
what's important isn't what's worth your time and effort

It is common to see that individuals or companies do not act until they are victims of any attack or realize that their information is outdated.

A Web Support has some similarity to a car insurance, but its difference lies in the preventive  roll, that is, it avoids damage by acting as soon as possible.

If we let your website become inactive by attack can lead to large losses of both customers and sales, that’s why it’s time to become aware and maintain appropriately to keep the website up to date and protected against vulnerabilities.

In Cloud Media Pro trabajamos día a día para evitar riesgos, sabemos lo importante que es para ti mantener tu web actualizada y protegida contra ataques. Nuestro trabajo es pasión, por eso nos sentimos orgullosos de la satisfacción del cliente.

Why is a web maintenance or web support service so important?

Your place updated

We keep up to date your website (WordPress, themes and plugins) so you can keep your site safe.

24/7 Monitoring of your website

We have several automatic monitoring systems that let us at the moment if anything fails and we can solve it as soon as possible.

Vulnerability updates

We continually review that your website works correctly. If a plugin or theme has bugs or vulnerabilities, our team is there to fix it.

We support your site

We back up your website on a regular basis, in case of failures or attacks.

Personalized care

We have plans base on your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email or by phone, we will be attentive to your request.

100% secure websites

We keep your website safe, no security holes. Our task is for your website to be automatic and well-functioning.

Select the perfect plan for your business


Basic Plan

WordPress Maintenance

$90/per month

(Minimum 3-month contract)

MONTHLY Update of the WordPress core.
MONTHLY plugin update.
MONTHLY Template Update.
Weekly (local) backups.
Email support.
Site recovery in case of hacking.

Professional Plan

WordPress Maintenance

$200/per month

(Minimum 3-month contract)

WEEKLY WordPress kernel update.
WEEKLY plugin update.
WEEKLY Template Update.
2 Weekly backups (local and remote).
24/7 website crash monitoring.
Daily monitoring of malware from the site.
Email support (response in max. 24h).
Site recovery in case of hacking.

All plans are subject to our terms of contracting, if they do not meet the terms, we will not be able to offer the service.